Fen Farm Dairy, makers of Baron Bigod and Bungay Butter, has started making Skyr as a means of using the skimmed milk leftover from butter production. This allows them to take what would otherwise be a waste product and turn it into something delicious. WHAT IS SKYR? – A cultured skimmed milk product– High protein and low fat (0.1%)– Traditionally made in Iceland– It’s actually a cheese, not a yoghurt– Heating the proteins denatures them and turns the whey proteins into a solid (like ricotta)– Stirring results in a mousse-like texture and creamy mouthfeel when in fact it’s low fatTo make this a reality, Jonny had to learn how to make Skyr. Thankfully, the artisan cheese world is a relatively small, tightknit group and Jonny was introduced to Skyr master Thorgrimur Einar Gudbjartsson of Erpsstaðir Creamery. The Fen Farm team spent a week on the west coast of Iceland under the tutelage of Thorgrimur. HOW IS SKYR MADE? – Milk passes straight from the parlour through a cream separator– The skimmed milk is heated to 85C for 5 min and then down to 40C before the culture is added– The next morning, the curd is stirred until fine– The curd is then strained through a muslin cloth and turned until the moisture and texture are just right– Nothing else is added apart from England Preserves jam which is low in sugar

Skyr 400g

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