Westcombe ricotta is produced from the by-product of Tom at Westcombe Dairy's Cheddar-making process.


Evercreech, Somserset

Tom will heat a batch of whey for a prolonged period until its proteins denature and begin to coagulate into fragile white clumps. Once solid enough to be moulded, the coagulated proteins are salted and then ladled into colander-like moulds and the liquid allowed to drain off.Moisture will slowly continue to drain out as the ricotta sits in its mould. 

A fundamental part of coagulating milk and making cheese is the removal of whey—the liquid component of milk. The majority of the whey's composition is water, but held in solution are a great diversity of bacteria, enzymes and proteins. For this reason, whey has good potential—in the dairy and beyond—but is commonly discarded by the cheesemaker as a waste product due in large part to its acid properties and its sheer volume.

Westcombe Ricotta 250g

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